Hey, Welcome to Road Juice ! Everything starts with a dream. One of the most basic dreams of life is for you to wish for everyone to live a happy, healthy, loving life and to live it with no fear. Sometimes I think the world needs help with this basic concept. In my travels I encounter many people that don’t seem to be that happy. It makes me think they don’t know how to live. On another note I typically drive three or four hundred miles a day  (I’ve driven over two million miles) and I believe with what I have seen on the roads on an on going basis, people don’t know how to drive!  On a third note, when I am getting my coffee in the morning, I see people buying a lot of strange stuff as in sugar filled Soda and prepackaged frozen Bread laden with “high fructose corn syrup.”
As an overview, I believe people need some guidance with the way they live, the way they drive, and the way they eat. Sometimes in life you get lucky and get to meet someone that has a positive influence in your life, after all, that’s all our personality and beliefs are made up of, people and events that you have encountered. Well, now you have met “Road Juice!” It’s a bunch of ideas about making the world a better place. The first lesson is your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open!  Pull that ripcord, enjoy the view (reading is traveling in your brain) and don’t take yourself too serious! One of the most important things in life is to SMILE! Road juice, the book, will be done soon but check out the blog in the meantime!